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Polish television in the UK has been operating since 2004. Our mission is to provide our clients in London, Luton, Milton Keynes, Gloucestershire and other areas with access to Polish television.

Customers can rely on the professional assembly of satellite and terrestrial antennas. We offer our services to both private and commercial customers. in churches and the Polish Embassy in London.

We help with the formalities related to the replacement of a defective decoder and in case you wish to exchange a newer model without sending it to Poland. We will also assist in all formalities related to the contract.

We guarantee better quality of service. Our experienced team uses the best tools so we are reliable.

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Polish Television - store

We greatly care to provide you with comprehensive services in the field of Polish television in the UK, which is why we also sell the necessary equipment. In a situation where, for example, the power supply breaks down or the buttons on the remote control are subject to wear, you can buy a new product with us and enjoy the viewing experience. The offer also includes satellite cables, converters, F connectors and more.

Website Terms&Conditions

We cordially invite you to read the terms of use of our Polish television service in London and other UK cities. One can learn from it, among other things, what the contract is and how it works. What's more, the issues of payment and the ways in which payments can be made are explained there. In the event of any irregularities, you can make a complaint with us - about how this process looks like also says our T&C.

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1What services do we provide?
Answer: We provide subscription services with NC + satellite TV operators and Cyfrowy Polsat, satellite antennas, converters, cables, and a broader range of installation / installation services. We also sell satellite accessories such as remote controls, converters, satellite cables, F type connectors and many more.
2What documents are required for the contract?
Answer: In order to establish a contract with NC + you need a personal ID or passport (can also be English), and 2 IDs are required for Cyfrowy Polsat - the first one must be Polish ID and the second (Polish or English) driving license or the front of the payment card (also Polish or English).
3What is TV on card?
Answer: TV decoders are decoders. TV on the card is a service that consists of self-service television reception through payment.
No payments result in a temporary off signal, which can be re-activated at any time. Cable TV offers only one package for any recharge. This package has about 60 Polish coded channels. If the customer wishes to have a higher package (any of the NC + offers) on the purchased decoder, there is a possibility of establishing a 12-month contract for customer data, or a 12-month advance payment for the specified package. The TNK decoder prices are £ 70 for a non-recording decoder and £ 85 for a decoder capable of recording.
4How long do you have a subscription contract?
Answer: In most cases, contracts are for 24 months.
5Where are payments made?
Answer: Payments are made directly to the operator (NC + / Cyfrowy Polsat) on the account number for payments as specified in the subscriber agreement. In the case of NC +, there is also the possibility of charging on the operator's website or on the official hotline.
6Is the decoder a guarantee?
Answer: Yes, the guarantee is granted for the entire duration of the contract. Replacement of the decoder is done in place, at the point. Cable for the card has 12 months warranty from the manufacturer, but the only form of guarantee is the shipment of such decoder to the service to Poland. This service takes up to 2 months and the client does not receive a replacement decoder for the duration of the service.
7How much does it cost to exchange a decoder brought from Poland?
Answer: Replacing a decoder brought from Poland is £ 50 in exchange for the same model. In case of a replacement for some newer will cost the activation of the new decoder, depending on the decoder.
8How can I recharge TV on a card?
Answer: The card can be recharged in person by paying cash, or by phone with a credit card.
9What is the waiting time for installing satellite TV?
Answer: The waiting time depends on the intensity of the work in a given time period, but usually it does not exceed 1-3 days. We always try to adapt to customer needs.
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We offer professional installation and installation of satellite dishes with the help of specialized equipment, you can enjoy quiet watching television without any disturbance in all weather conditions.

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