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1Configure the LAN in the Premiumbox + decoder
The AUTO-IP function in the Premiumbox + wifi decoder does not work. When connecting wifiBOX + decoders from wifi Premiumbox + use the MANUAL CONFIGURATION option in both decoders (we choose the addresses according to the old rules) or at least in the main decoder. More HERE
2Frequent problems with the PremiumBOX + decoder
On the frequent issues with the PremiumBOX + decoder, we have created a special instructional document - downloadable HERE
3How to program the favorite programs on the remote control?
The remote control also has the function of programming your favorite channels on the remote. In general it looks like this:

1. Press and hold the button that you want to program until the LED flashes twice.

2. Enter the channel number you want to program according to the scheme:

- 1 - moon
- 2 stars - 3 - Disney CH - 4 - Disney XD

- 9 - JimJam
- 0 - BabyTv

3. Finally, press and hold the PROGRAMM key until the LED flashes twice. For example, if you want to reprogram DaVinci, you do the following:

1. Press and hold the DaVinci key until the LED twice flashes 2. You are entering a new channel number (in this case 96, you press "JimJam" and "Nick") 3. Press and hold the DaVinci key until the LED flashes twice Of course the pilot must be set to "P" There is a switch in the battery compartment. You can select P.
4How to change decoder resolution?
Simply press the following combination on the remote:

* 1 - Sd1 CVBS Video (composite)
* 2 - Sd2 RGB
* 3 - 1080i or 1920x1080i - this setting is recommended for Full HD TVs
* 4 - 720p or 1280x720p - Try it out on TVs labeled as HD ready when comparing images with settings up to 1080i.
* 5 - 576p or 768x576p - this resolution is similar to SD
* 6 - 576i or 768x576i - this resolution is close to SD
5How to restart the decoder?
Applies to all NBox and NC decoders +

On the remote control of the decoder nBox press the button: SETUP and quickly buttons :: 0 3 5 9 1 5 7

Then, after the service menu appears, select RESET and press OK to confirm.

The decoder will restart and after a few seconds restart. U weight after this reset all the recordings in HDD decoders will be deleted.

IMPORTANT after decoder reboot if we have decoder in subscription offer when activation screen please do not switch decoder to option (N on card)
In case of failure of the first reset option, we can use an alternative decoder reset.

nBox recorder (black) | To perform the decoder reset procedure, switch to TVP1 and press the buttons simultaneously at the same time:

EPG + RES + right arrow> this option does not erase HDD contents EPG + RES + up arrow ^ option removes HDD content! Hold down the buttons until TEST appears on the decoder display nBox HD (white) To perform the decoder reset procedure, press the buttons simultaneously at the front of the decoder:

MENU + RES + right arrow>
Until TEST appears on the display
6How to connect multiroom nc +?
Please download a separate PDF with instructions on multiroom. Please click here

You are welcome to use our services. Here you can see our offer

You want to return the decoder / y after the contract concluded to the NC operator
You already have an NC agreement and you want to add another decoder MULTIROOM to your contract to have tv in another room
You have a contract decoder or Pre-Paid (for a card or for a subscription) MIX, TNK or START + but unfortunately broke down?
You have a decoder NC (rented) and does not work or freezes? Or maybe you want to replace a newer model with a disc?


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