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Antenna installation

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Installation of satellite and terrestrial antennas

Our company is responsible for installation, installation and servicing of satellite and terrestrial antennas. We have many years of experience in antenna installation and professional measurement equipment necessary to correctly set up antennas and quickly diagnose faults.

We install and set up satellite antennas to receive all digital platforms in Poland: NC +, Cyfrowy Polsat, Orange and set up the reception of free satellite channels eg TV TRWAM

We advise on selection of antenna, decoder, accessories, we do all services related to satellite antennas. Multiroom installations - reception from satellite dish on several TVs.

We help select the appropriate operator of the satellite platform, make the connection and configuration of each RTV equipment and in case we provide the customer with training on the decoder and TV.

Assembling and setting up antennas for reception from terrestrial transmitters is the second major area of ​​our business. We help you choose the right antenna for you the best reception in the new digital DVB-T system and we make a terrestrial installation for every type of TV - for older receivers we recommend connecting a cheap tuner.

You already have an antenna but you can not set it or the picture quality is not satisfactory? Call us! We will come and set your antenna correctly.

We also provide services in the field of service and repair of satellite and terrestrial antennas and removal of all types of defects in antenna installations. We perform inspections and maintenance of antenna installations. We will correct the antenna, we will improve the reception of programs on the TV.

Every failure! Instant arrival!
Equipment and accessories offered by us have a 12 month manufacturer's warranty

In addition, we provide 6 months warranty for installation and service of satellite and terrestrial antennas as well as all services offered by us.
Contact: +44 77 796 31 401


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